Cullan Manley

Cullan Manley


Clean 200#, Deadlift 330#, Split Jerk 230# ,1000 Bar Facing Burpees in 2 Hours, 30 Bar Muscle Ups Unbroken


CrossFit Level 1 Certification, CrossFit Level 2 Certification, Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science

About Coach

There are few pillars that are cemented in my life that truly have shaped me into the person I am today.<br /> <br /> Pillar One: Maximum Effort <br /> Growing up I played any sport you can think of. I just loved moving around, learning a new sport, what kind of skills and strategy were involved with that sport. The catch was, as soon as I tried the sport, I then wanted to become good at it. <br /> <br /> Pillar Two: The Platinum Rule<br /> Treat others the way they want to be treated. <br /> To me this takes away the I notion of the golden rule which states. Treat others the way YOU want to be treated. I think this is a great start, but when we take away ourselves, and we act towards others with true intentions and with no thoughts of now they should do something for me. We are acting as true servers for people.<br /> <br /> Pillar Three: People are bank accounts<br /> <br /> Just like a true bank account that you can make deposits, and withdraws from. People are the same way. You can make deposits and have some impact on them and their journey. And you can make withdraws. Just like a bank account their is a total balance from all these transactions. My question day in a day out, is how do I grow my saving account with people and never be in the red.<br /> <br /> These three Pillars have shaped me to be the coach I am today. From day one of coaching CrossFit I knew this was something I wanted to push all the chips in with, and not be bad at. During this coaching career I have met some of the most amazing poeple, and continue to care about all the people that walk in through the door each day, and want to make as many deposits as I can with people and truly create an amazing atmosphere for them to flourish within.

Turning Point

College was my turning point. All the years leading up to that, I never felt comfortable in my own skin. Being active and playing sports is what I enjoyed day in and day out. Come summer time; I could go outside at 7am and play pickup sports till it was time for dinner. <br /> <br /> What weighed on me was for every sports team I tried out for, I was the first one not to make the team. Thinking back on it, it weighed on me alot. I felt like I always had something to prove.<br /> <br /> In college I became comfortable in my own skin, I joined the Ultimate Frisbee Club, and met some of my closest friends. During our usual Spring Break trip to play in NCAA's for Ultimate Frisbee. Our team one night turned the lights off, and we as a team told our story to what brought us here in this very moment. We shared many laughs and tears with these stories. But my take away was that everyone has a story, and getting a chance to hear that story and be in that moment with them is something truly special.<br /> <br /> This lead me to the passion for building relationships with people, and taking the time to hear them and their story.

Motivation & Passion

In addition to creating the best hour of the day for everyone who walks through the doors here at CFE. My purpose is to create meaningful relationships with everyone, and help them become the best version of themselves. Both inside and outside the gym.

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