Jordan Calverley

Jordan Calverley


Squat: 455

Clean: 330

Snatch: 245


CrossFit Level 1

USAW Level 1

PGA Professional

About Coach

I grew up playing all sports but mainly gravitated to golf, once I found I had a passion for it. I’ve played golf at a high level over the years and understand that some of the lessons learned in the game can be applied to my workouts and more importantly in life. The mentality that I bring to my fitness is put as much energy and focus as I can into the present and leave everything else behind, learn from the mistakes and move on. This ultimately helped me become more patient with myself and more importantly the students that I coach.

Turning Point

I believe we all have a defining moment in our workouts and in life. The real question is how do deal with that defining moment, do you lean into it or does that moment define you? The more I’ve leaned into “embracing the suck” the more I’ve learned what I’m capable of.

Motivation & Passion

My main purpose for coaching is helping people find their truest potential. We all need help finding that, and that’s what I am here for.

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